1. Did you know there is a National Crepe Suzette day? 😱

  2. Belgian liege waffles with tarragon chicken and andalouse cheese at The Belgium Place on Granville and Fir.

  3. Mint Mojito Mini Donuts!!! I found the recipe on food gawker but when I went to buy a donut pan at Ming Wo they only had mini donut trays.

  4. Tomato, Olive, and Mozzarella Meatballs in Simple dinners by Donna Hay.

  5. Greek Day in Kits! Dolmades and loukoumades, how perfectly delish.

  6. Dinner at Mamie Taylor’s. I posted on this same restaurant previously and got the exact same thing this time around. The Mamie Taylor cocktail was new though! Scotch, fresh lime juice, ginger beer, and angostura bitters.

  7. Orange pepper omelette and almond milk guacamole.

  8. Boiled egg slices on top of bacon weave on top of raisin coconut bread toast.

  9. Homemade Lychee Martinis at Granny’s 80th birthday party!

  10. Chocolate chicken mole inspired by La Taqueria on Cambie and Broadway!

  11. Bacon avocado fries are a great summer snack and they go even better with a summery salmon dish! Dip em’ in ranch dressing and go wild (because they’re healthier than regular fries - score!)


  12. Cassie and I went out for lunch at La Cigale, a french restaurant in Vancouver. I ordered the sandwich special: frites, a green salad, and the Sandwich de bucheron (pepper corn beef short rib slathered with caramelized onions).

  13. While in Julie and David’s home I helped myself to some of Julie’s cook books. I found this delicious “Very Full Tart” which I’m happy to have made now that I’m back in my home! Very creamy and packed with veggies! 

  14. Recently my mom has been growing some garlic in their backyard. She picked a bunch for me as well as some chive flowers and I braided the whole thing one sunny afternoon! It took about an hour total, 45 minutes to wash all the dirt and about fifteen to braid! It’s now hanging in my kitchen and provides me with lots of tasty garlic while I cook!

  15. Sadly my Europe trip is over but that certainly doesn’t mean no more great food! My family and I went out to Deluxe for dinner on White Rock beach. I had strawberry lobster guacamole pita bites to start and Paella as a main. At first I thought the bites were topped with roe but it was actually strawberry bubbles like the kind you find at frozen yogurt shops as a topping. It was strangely satisfying.